About the Farm

Tall Tree Society - California

A positive impact on your body and the world around you.

Our plants are organically grown in native soil and under the sun, from the heart of wine and cannabis country in Mendocino county California. The Tall Tree Society is located in the rich basin of the Russian River Valley giving us the ability to cultivate a terroir unlike anywhere else. We are proud to be part of the rich history of heritage cannabis farms and vineyards within the community. Holding off on synthetic nutrients we create a symbiotic community through the union of organic amendments and native companion plants – leaving a positive impact for decades to come.

The farm is also home to CDFA certified organic vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, bees, and pollinator gardens. We care for chickens, pigs, and goats, utilizing their waste in compost while reducing our carbon footprint. This ecosystem provides our farm and workers with healthy local food. The family owned and operated Tall Tree Society takes pride in our hardworking team by paying a living wage with benefits.

Because of these practices we are able to bring you consistent top shelf organic product from a sustainable farm leaving a positive impact on the environment and community.

Meet the Team

The Tall Tree Society is a longtime dream created through a love of cannabis and the fascination of the plant. Shane, Carson and Eric grew up together in Michigan stomping around the mosquito ridden woods of the Midwest and digging through the sand at the lake. While going different ways after high school, Shane and Carson reconnected when Carson came out to California to help with a fall harvest. Soon after the dream was born, the two closed on the farm here in Redwood Valley from a satellite phone at the bottom of the Grand Canyon while on a float down the Colorado River.

Shane Gary, Founder/CEO

Tall Tree Society - California

Shane has had a fascination with the outdoors since a young age. With a biologist and a soil scientist as parents he grew up playing in the dirt and running around the woods. Shane got his degree in Cultural Anthropology and Global Environmental Sustainability from Colorado State University. Throughout attending university he worked as a raft guide and dive instructor bringing him to many parts of the world and scratching the travel itch that comes along with being an anthropologist. He started the Tall Tree Society long after gardening and growing cannabis turned from a hobby to a passion and continues to exhibit this passion throughout caring for the many plants and animals here on the farm.

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