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Tall Tree Society - California

About Us

The Tall Tree Society, nestled in the heart of Mendocino County, California, on the bountiful Russian River Valley has grown from a pipedream to a reality. Founded in 2018 by Shane Gary, the Tall Tree Society is a community of likeminded people doing what we love and providing you with a product worth supporting.


Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of cannabis farms and vineyards in our community, we take pride in our role as caretakers of the land. We embrace organic farming practices and cultivate our plants in native soil, basking them in the warm rays of the sun. By eschewing synthetic nutrients and fostering a symbiotic relationship with organic amendments and native companion plants, we create a thriving ecosystem that will leave a positive impact for generations to come.


Our farm extends beyond cannabis cultivation. We are home to CDFA certified organic vegetable gardens, lush fruit orchards, and vibrant pollinator gardens that attract bees and other essential creatures. Alongside these natural wonders, we nurture chickens,

pigs, and goats, whose waste becomes valuable compost, reducing our carbon footprint and enriching the soil. This interconnected ecosystem not only sustains our farm but also provides our dedicated team with healthy, locally sourced food.


As a family-owned and operated farm, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. We take pride in paying a living wage and providing comprehensive benefits to our hardworking team. Their dedication and passion contribute to the excellence of our farm, ensuring the highest quality products and a positive working environment.


Our commitment to sustainable practices allows us to offer you consistent, top-shelf organic products. With every purchase, you not only experience the exceptional quality of our goods but also contribute to a positive impact on the environment and our



Join us on a journey that celebrates the harmony between nature and agriculture. Experience the true essence of our farm, where organic cultivation, environmental stewardship, and community thrive. Discover the Tall Tree Society difference today and savor the taste of a sustainable, organic future.

Meet the Team

The Tall Tree Society is the longtime dream of Shane Gary, created through a love of cannabis, the fascination of the plant and this beautiful world around us. Shane has grown cannabis most of his life. Working as a raft guide, scuba instructor, and ski bum, cannabis has always been a source of supplemental income and medicine after those long days in the water or on the mountains. After a long road of growing cannabis in basements, renting out dilapidated grow houses, or hiding in the hills of California we began the search for our dream property. We found our home in the beautiful Redwood Valley and closed on our farm from a satellite phone at the bottom of the Grand Canyon while on a float down the Colorado River.

Shane Gary, Founder/CEO

Tall Tree Society - California

Shane has had a fascination with the outdoors since a young age. With a biologist and a soil scientist as parents he grew up playing in the dirt and running around the woods. Shane got his degree in Cultural Anthropology and Global Environmental Sustainability from Colorado State University. Throughout attending university he worked as a raft guide and dive instructor bringing him to many parts of the world and scratching the travel itch that comes along with being an anthropologist. He started the Tall Tree Society long after gardening and growing cannabis turned from a hobby to a passion and continues to exhibit this passion throughout caring for the many plants and animals here on the farm.

We support the things we love

We help the people and places that need our support. The list below includes the organizations that see a portion of our profits each year. This list will always be growing and changing, however the list below includes organizations that we urge you to support as well. You can always count on a portion of your money spent supporting the Tall Tree Society going towards the following.