Come Visit Tall Tree Society

The Tall Tree Society is proud to announce onsite farm tours! Available on the first Saturday of every month and by appointment for large groups.

Cost is $75 per person.

This includes a T-shirt and 1-2 hour tour followed by access to an onsite consumption lounge with the opportunity to purchase product straght from the farm at unbeatable prices. Additional details below.

What to expect at Tall Tree Society


Embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of cannabis cultivation as we invite you to explore our state-of-the-art cannabis farm. Nestled in the heart of Mendocino County. The Tall Tree Society is home to a ten thousand square foot cannabis garden, onsite solventless extraction facility, apiary, vegetable gardens, and a wonderful family to welcome you onto our farm.


Join us for an immersive experience where you will learn about the entire lifecycle of cannabis, from seed to harvest. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the various stages of cultivation all the way through our extraction and packaging processes. Offering valuable insights into the meticulous processes and techniques that contribute to the exceptional quality of our products.


During the tour, you will witness the meticulous care given to each plant, from

propagation and vegetative growth to flowering and harvest. Discover the secrets

behind our carefully selected strains, as we explain the intricate genetics and

characteristics that make them unique.


As you wander through our meticulously designed greenhouses and extraction facilities, you’ll witness what sets us apart and how we capture the magic inside every product. Our tour doesn’t stop at cultivation alone. Gain a deeper understanding of the post-harvest processes as you learn about the science behind curing, drying, and trimming

techniques used to preserve the potency, aroma, and flavor of our cannabis strains.


Throughout the tour, our passionate experts will be on hand to answer your questions, provide valuable insights into the industry, and share their wealth of knowledge about the various cannabis products available in the market. Discover the diverse applications of cannabis, from medicinal and therapeutic uses to the art of crafting exquisite edibles and extracts.


To enhance your experience, we prioritize your comfort and safety. Our tours are

conducted in small groups, allowing for personalized attention and fostering an

interactive atmosphere. Whether you are an aspiring cultivator, a cannabis connoisseur, or simply curious about the world of cannabis, our farm tour offers an unforgettable opportunity to explore the magic and science behind this fascinating plant.


Book your tour today and prepare to immerse yourself in an educational and captivating journey through our thriving cannabis farm. Uncover the wonders of cultivation and gain a newfound appreciation for the beauty and potential of cannabis. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm soon!