All flower is grown from our family-owned farm along the banks of the Russian River in Redwood Valley California. We grow in the ground and under the sun basing our practices around sustainability and regenerative agriculture. We’re home to much more than just cannabis, with goats, pigs, bees, as well as CDFA organic vegetables and a small orchard. Our farm and facilities are certified by three different third parties (Sun+Earth, OCAL, Cannabis Conservancy) auditing our inputs, processes, practices.

Everything is small batch with our passionate team of farmers and hash makers doing a little bit of everything. We are dedicated to bringing you a quality product that is worth supporting, if you have questions about anything or need help to place an order, please reach out!

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Solventless Extracts

GMO Fresh press Rosin – 1 gram

Genetics: Chemdog x GSC
Details:40u-220u, Fresh Press.
This GMO brings that funky fresh stank to the table. With a beautiful color and a flavor reminiscent of garlic and gas. The micron size pressed was 40u to 220u, bringing a huge spectrum of cannabinoids and a serious entourage effect.

Wilson Zero Cold Cured Rosin – 1 gram

Genetics: (Banana OG x Papaya) x Tropicana Cookies
Details: 40u-160u Cold Cure.
Our Wilson zero cold cured into a greasy wax with a bursting taste of ripe fruit and that sour gas flavor. This mouthwatering fruit flavor is sure to bring delight to anyone’s palate.

Roll ups Fresh Press Rosin – 1 gram

Genetics: Gushers x Red pop
Details: 40u-160u, Fresh Press. The wonderful purple plant was coated with crystals and beautiful little orange hairs. It rings true with a sweet creamy flavor reminiscent of the classic Faygo Red Pop.

Melted Strawberry Cold Cure Rosin – 1 gram

Genetics: GMO x Strawberry Guava

Genetics: GMO x Strawberry Guava
Details: 40u-160u-Cold Cure. This sweet and fruity strain produced wonderful creamy rosin. Leading with fruit and finishing with a chem gas flavor almost reminiscent of overripe papayas.

We are beyond excited to finally be releasing our 2g bubble hash jars as well as a 3g hand rolled temple ball!

Tall Tree Society

LA Kush Cake Bubble Hash – 2 grams

Genetics: Wedding Cake X Kush Mints
Details: Made from full spectrum solventless extract, the LA Kush Cake can be thought of as the perfect desert f

Mac Burger Bubble Hash – 2 grams

Genetics: (MAC X Tropicana Cookies) X Donny Burger
Details: Made from full spectrum solventless extract, the MAC Burger packs a smack and will bubble like a burger on the griddle.

Sour Diesel Temple Ball – 3 grams

Genetics: Chemdog x OG Kush
Details: This is a hand rolled traditional temple ball. Aged for over 3 months
and made from that classic sour diesel. Made from full spectrum solventless extract providing a heavy medicinal stone combined with that old school flavor.

Top Shelf Flower

Sold in 4-gram Jars made with Recycled Glass and Reclaimed ocean plastics for the caps.​  

LA Kush Cake Flower – 4 grams

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Kush Mints
This new favorite brings a mouth watering creamy vanilla smell. Expect a relaxing high best enjoyed at the end of a long day.

Smalls and “B” Flower

Sold in 14gram Jars, with a portion of profits goes towards donating pollinator seeds to non profits in an effort to help save the bees and restore native wildflowers.​ Learn more about our mission.

“Save the Bees” GMO – 14grams

Expect the same flavors from our 4gram A grade jars just smaller or imperfect buds!

Inused Prerolls


Flower only Prerolls